New Officers Needed!

We are currently looking for students interested in being next years AAPG officers and possibly participating in the IBA competition. For president we are looking for a graduate student with some industry experience (IBA or Internship) and we would like to chose this person before the semester ends. As for the rest of the officers we will wait until the Fall semester before appointing those positions.

Congratulation to the 2013 IBA Team

IBA Team 2013

left to right: Jamie Purcell, Erik Gordon, Taylor Carrasco, Brandi Denton, Joe Whearty, Kip Hering (advisor)

Congratulation to our SDSU IBA team who competed over the weekend with 5 other Pacific Section AAPG schools. The results:
1. University of Alaska, Fairbanks
2. CSU Long Beach, with 1 member from UC Riverside
3. San Diego State University 
The team worked very hard as many of you would have noticed over the past 8 weeks, learning a considerable amount of petroleum geology along the way. This is a great highlight to have on your resume as mentioned by Tony Reid (PS-AAPG president and Occidental Petroleum recruiter). We are looking for next years participants, so if you are looking for an immersive experience in the oil industry and want to work with industry data let us know!
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BBQ at Kip’s Ranch

It is that time of year again! We will be BBQing at Kip’s Ranch, Saturday April 27th around noon. 
Please join us for a fun afternoon of horse riding, socializing, frisbee throwing, soccer ball kicking, good time. Kip’s signature tri-tip will be the main course but we will have salads, desserts, drinks etc. Feel free to bring something to share.This is a great time to enjoy our amazing Spring weather, and hang out with all of your geology friends. We will be on a ranch so, please wear closed toe shoes!
RSVP with Karl Bloor <>, or sign up in the department office.